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Shower Caddy

Shower caddy refers to the unit placed inside the shower to hold the supplies that are commonly used when taking the shower, which include the shampoo and conditioner, the soap, washcloths, as well as razor. It is typically designed to be hanged from a showerhead. Some shower caddies can also be hanged freely in some instances. Some shower caddies are designed with suction cup found near its bottom, which is then used to attach to the wall and holds these shower caddies better in place.

If you are still studying, ask for essay writing help from our professional essay writers at and devote time your health and beauty. One needs to consider some things when on the look out for shower caddy. Consider the decor of the shower and make sure to look for one that fits the design. Shower caddies usually come in white however there are also other models of different colors. For shower caddy with different colors, you may shell out more than you would with a white shower caddy.

Another consideration to take note is the materials used for shower caddies. Most of the models are either in metal or plastic. Either way, these shower caddies may have very low or very high quality, which depends on the design or craftsmanship.

When choosing shower caddies made of metal, always make sure that the metal used is the type with the protective coating in order to prevent any rusting. Shower caddies of this type will quickly rust since it is usually placed inside the shower, thus precautions should be observed. A rusty shower caddy looks unattractive and will even leave stains of rust in shower head or in shower walls.

Choosing a Shower Caddy

Choosing what shower caddy type you want to have can be quite difficult. There are some designs of shower caddies, which you can take a closer look at so you will have a much better idea on what type to choose for your shower area.

Suction Shower Caddies - This brushed nickel type of caddy is common and traditional. This type comes in two styles but both have the same principal. The first type can be hanged from the arm of brushed nickel type of shower and uses it as support. It has this single suction type of cup found near its bottom is pressed against your shower wall to secure your caddy so it does not wiggle or fall down from your shower head . Another suction caddy type that is more durable and sturdy is what is known as power lock type of caddy. This type has the four suction cups or even more and these allow the caddy to be secured to the smooth shower wall. With this type there is a need to spend more however units of this type are worth the few extra bucks you will be shelling out.

Tension Pole Shower Caddy - This brushed nickel type of caddies are now becoming popular. This type comes in fancy look thus people who have newly renovated their showers prefer to choose this type. Behind this type is a simple but intuitive idea. This unit has a standard pole length that comes with multiple attached baskets and secured in shower corners. The poles are tightened with ratcheting mechanism. Both ends of the unit are situated between the ceiling and the floor, thus the “ tension pole ” name.

The same with brushed nickel type of shower basket, one can have shower caddies just resting on the shower floor without the need to attach on the wall. These types are not common though since they can be bulky and also take up space more than an average shower can provide.

No matter which shower style you prefer to choose, you will always definitely find the style you like whether it's brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze ,and even just the old plain plastic type. Some words of advice is to spend enough time to search on the net before making any purchase in stores as one will always find better deals on the net rather than on physical store outlets.

Shower Caddy Options

Prior to looking for a caddy, one needs to take into consideration first how much space the shower has. If there is still a lot of space, the option is to use the multilevel type of caddy. A lot of people may prefer not to even consider having such type of caddy in their shower in any way possible, however having enough room to put and store everything you need when using the shower is a good thing. This type can provide enough storage so there is no more need to put new caddies every now and then when there is no more space in the caddy to put the new items. Matching the colors is also thought as worth it. Guests may not go and take a closer look inside your shower however having matching bathroom colors can be nice as well. So when you are out buying shower caddy, try to check the units on display. Most units displayed are in white color however there may be blue or light green in colors as well. Having options when it comes to the color of shower caddies is good. There are some who prefer shower caddies made up of stainless steel as these can go with almost everything.

One last consideration to take is on whether you would want the plastic container type of a shower caddy or you prefer the shelf type of caddy. With items that need protection from being overexposed to water, the zipping plastic top can be a good choice. This type is clear and so you will still see through it and can get the item you want inside. For most people they just choose “ wire shelving ” . Such shower caddy type will definitely suit most people's need for that extra place where they can put their things such as the shampoos or conditioners and others.

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